Cultural adviser and Interpreter

Arabic Interpreting & multi cultural expert.

Communicating the right and correct message accurately is what interpretation and translation are all about!
Hello, My name is Fahmi and I am an Arabic interpreter and a cultural expert.

If you want to skip everything and just want to hire me, please send me an emailto:

Getting your message across THE FIRST TIME AROUND and as quickly and as unambiguously as possible makes all the difference.
Bad interpretation or translation of content equals disaster. Moreover, not understanding how to phrase a question or how to decipher an answer can cause big issues in how parties communicate. That is where I come in.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider working with me for Arabic interpreting and translations.

I am able to help you get your message across THE FIRST TIME AROUND. It does not matter if it is a translation of a technical manual, deposition, court trial, conference, class or a speech….I can and will be your voice in Arabic. I can do it in almost real time or in a consecutive mode.

My interpreting has credibility and this is why...
  • I have been a native Arabic speaker for over 40 years with solid references..
  • I can interpret accurately with minimum delay to preserve the tone and register of what is said.
  • I have worked with criminal, civil defense, as well as immigration attorneys.
  • Although I can interpret legal terms very well in court settings. Some examples of the type of work that I do...
  • Interpreting technical content; like simultaneously interpreting a full lecture or conference on the use of the Cyclic and Collective helicopter controls, or the effects of deep sea diving on human physiology, oh and my favorite…conduct forensic physiological evaluations of federal inmates. I have and can interpret your real time lectures to military officers on the implementation of proper hostage negotiation techniques.

  • A “Professionally Qualified” Federal District Court interpreter, I am also an FAA Certified Helicopter and Airplane Pilot, Open Water SCUBA instructor, I program iPhone and iPad Xcode and I am also a Medic First Aid and AED Instructor.
  • I have conducted many classes myself as a teacher of Arabic to native English speakers. I am self motivated and can work without supervision.
  • I am a certified interpreter for the U.S. Department of State and a State registered Tier 1 Oregon Judicial department Arabic interpreter

Ok, you want more ?
I studied computer Science, I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, Active member of the
National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, Active member of The American Translators Association as well as an active member and ex Board member in The Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society I have hundreds of references and I have a spotless criminal record.

I speak, read and write with 100% fluency both Arabic and English, and as you can see in MANY subject matters in both languages.
I am a social person and work well with others, but I can take over a team anytime it is required or needed.
If you seek reliability, quality and prompt responses to your requests, then look no more, just click the contact me link and I will either call or email you shortly, your choice.

Ok Nuff said.

While I am very proud to have worked with many clients and partners worldwide either directly or thru a third party, I am only able to mention them by general reference without too much detail about the nature of the work, so don’t ask…please.