Cultural adviser and Interpreter

Arabic Interpreting & multi cultural expert.

Name: Fahmi Slail
Age: Awesome age
Location: Based in Oregon, but I’m all over the globe.
Favorite Airplanes: Bellanca Super Viking and Grumman Tiger
Favorite Helicopter: Bell 47G and the Robinson 44
Favorite super hero:
Languages: Arabic and English

Hello, my name is Fahmi Slail and among other things, I am a contract Interpreter for the US Department of State. I hold a Certification of Public Trust from the US office of Personnel Management (OPM). What does that means? Public trust positions, the ones that include those which are responsible for policy making, law enforcement, fiduciary management, public health and safety or any other activity which involves the public welfare, are considered as trust positions since they have access to sensitive data such as financial or personal records and other matters which can be manipulated to cause physical or financial harm to the public in general or to the controlling federal agency.

What that means is that the Federal government and through its own investigations have determined that I can be trusted with publicly sensitive data that might affect the public. As a court interpreter I am considered an officer of the court and am bound by the same code of ethics and professional responsibility expected from all Judges, Attorneys and all Judicial department personnel handling confidential information.
I have been sworn to uphold that trust by the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court,
Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz (now retired).

Ok, about me now...

I am constantly in learning mode. I love to learn new things, and try to master anything that is hard to figure out by most people. For this reason you probably won't see an overall style to my work. I can't settle on one thing as I am always trying to improve. I hope you like what you see. I look forward to impressing you!
Thanks for visiting my site.

  • Advanced knowledge of cultural, linguistic, religious and current issues in Middle Eastern affairs.
  • Native level fluency in both languages.
  • Excellent simultaneous interpreting as well as consecutive interpreting skills.
  • Very good at security, law enforcement and military interpretation and translation.
  • Speaks and understands Arabic dialects from; Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Morocco, Jordan, Libya, Palestinian dialect, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan and Yemen.
  • Arabic origin: Saudi Arabia
  • Excellent note taking, very well versed in the setup and use of various technology solutions and interpreting situations.
  • Very soft spoken and is almost invisible to the interpretation process which makes me very effective in the delivery of the content.
  • High speed sight translation of written words.
  • No accent guarantee in both languages.
  • 100% Fluency in written and spoken Arabic
  • 100% Fluency in written and spoken English ( Clear American Dialect )
  • Available for travel worldwide on short notice.
  • Able to travel and work in the US and most countries of the Middle East without a work visa requirement.

  • Special skills in...
  • Middle East cultural expert with over four decades of native middle eastern knowledge
  • Aviation: FAA certified Commercial Airplane and Helicopter Pilot, FAA Certified Flight instructor
  • Expert knowledge in information technology solutions, including; Office Applications, Networking, web and mobile applications development including Xcode for the iPhone, PHP and MySQL.
  • I have instructor expert level knowledge of all Windows and Microsoft products
  • Expert level knowledge of the MAC operating system and it’s applications.
  • Scuba diving: PADI Certified SCUBA Instructor (Both Languages)
  • Medical field: Certified Medic First Aid instructor (Both Languages)
  • Emergency First Response CPR and AED instructor (Both Languages)
  • Certified Arabic interpreter By the US Department of State.
  • Experienced (TIER 1) Arabic Court interpreter
  • US Federal court “Professionally Qualified”
  • Experienced Dog trainer.

I am in excellent physical shape, I have no injuries and work very well under pressure.